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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 25, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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( dog barks ) picking up the pieces in wine country. we're tracking the progress in napa after a 6.0 quake shook the entire bay area. >> and a story of survival from the family of a bay area boy buried underneath the rubble of a fireplace. >> screaming i can't hold it. i can't hold it. that is too much pain. >> good evening, everyone. from quake damage downtown napa i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we'll be anchoring from 3rd and brown street.
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>> good evening to you as well from the ktvu studios, and maureen naylor. >> we're going to again right near in napa with ktvu's debra villalon. >> she has the story of a 13- year-old boy who was seriously injured during the quake during a sleep overat his home. >> reporter: the good news, he will spend several months in a wheelchair, but should make a full recovery. the house and the chimney here in south napa look just fine from here. but inside, it's a different story. >> so he was sleeping over there. >> reporter: a mattress was on this floor. and 13-year-old nicholas dillon was on it when the quake hit. >> nicholas -- [ speaking in spanish ] >> his grandparents came down, and found nicholas buried by tile and brick that fell like a
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solid wall. >> it didn't catch the whole body of nicholas. just part of it. >> reporter: enough to crush his pelvis. he was scrambling to beat the collapse and almost did. >> because luckily he was young and energetic. >> reporter: his parents and other relatives have been with nicky at uc davis medical center, where a 10 hour surgery repaired several fractures. he's in good spirits, enjoying the attention they say, and would have faced the cameras if he could. >> he just wants to make sure that people get to know a little bit about him, because he's a teenager. >> reporter: nick's room is in disaway from the quake and his life will be for a little while too. the 9th grader must stay off his feet, and away from sports for several months. in retrospect, when he dragged this mattress to the living
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room for a saturday night sleepover, it's a good thing he gave his best friend the couch, or they both might have been hurt. knowing his spine is fine means everything to his grandmother, who covered him, and comforted him waiting for paramedics. >> the help is coming. don't worry. just pray, and have faith. he was screaming i can't hold it, i can't hold it. there is too much pain. >> nicholas says if i learned anything from this, i will never sleep near a fireplace again. >> reporter: in time, nicholas will need more surgery. he will be moved closer to home for his rehab care. reporting tonight in napa, debra villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. 10 hours of surgery, but thankfully it sounds like he's
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going to be okay. >> we have seen so much damage, but we have also seen a lot of progress. ktvu's ken pritchett has the latest now in the city of napa. >> reporter: well by now we've all seen video of buildings like this in downtown napa that are obviously unfit and dangerous. today, the city red tagged even more buildings deemed unsafe. the iconic cross atop st. john, the baptist church, is unscathed. not so of the building underneath. parishioners prayed outside this evening. the church is red tagged. one of 70 buildings in the city of napa alone now deemed unsafe to enter. >> that number is likely to increase tomorrow. >> reporter: teams of inspectors have completed 75% of inspections, in addition to the 70 red tagged buildings,
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more than 200 homes and businesses have been yellow tagged, indicating light to moderate damage. >> those tend to be things like porches that may have separated from the structure, but you still have access to it. they could be chimneys that have fallen, but they can be occupied. >> reporter: 38 have been repaired since last night, and that work continues, and widespread power outages are over. >> yesterday morning, we were at 70,000 without power. we were, it's amazing, the progress that was made. we were 15,000 this time last night. as of mid-afternoon, virtually all of the properties in the city have power. >> reporter: the primary focus now is assessing the damage to buildings and infrastructure. so far, there is no damage estimate, which must come before federal aid arrives. >> as soon as we can get fema set up, and small business loans and all of those things people are going to need to get started. they're a little bit in limbo
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right now until we get that declaration. >> the one thing the city started doing, was to put up more barricades, and fencing. the idea is to create more of a barrier, between these unsafe structures and pedestrians of people out on the sidewalks, especially with the expectation of more people coming to downtown napa, just to walk around, and see the damage this holiday weekend. in napa, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. thousands of students have no school tomorrow. safety inspections were done today. when will they go to school? we'll have the latest on that coming up in 8 minutes. >> and we're here on brown and 3rd street. this is one of many straights in downtown napa that's closed. there are several buildings behind us that have been red tagged. t agged we're going to show you though buildings a bit later.
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>> in vallejo, 11 buildings have been red tagged, including a church. crews are working to clear the first baptist church. officials secured the area after engineers said the tower is in danger of collapsing. >> we did a retrofit in '92 after the 1989 earthquake, and one of the fire marshals who was here earlier said that the retrofit probably kept the whole top of it from coming down. >> the pastor says the church has little damage inside, so they decided to hold services yesterday. it wasn't until today they noticed the structural damage. we're learning more tonight about the earthquake itself and the shift in the earth that caused that damage. >> chief meteorologist, bill martin joins us now with more on this lesser known fault that ruptured. >> they got happennerred. the usgs came out with a report today, researcherring, trying to find out what happened. part of what they found today
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is helpful in understanding what happened in downtown napa. here's where our earthquake was, and here's the west napa fault. you look at this area. look at napa. see the river right here? this is all sediment in here. think about the marina district. that was all filled. this is sediment. it's sand, it's very funeral.
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comparing his fate to african americans only being 3/5th of a citizen. >> we will be equal justice for michael brown jr. >> the shooting of michael brown had set off violent protests in ferguson. prosecutors have not yet decided whether to file charges against the officer who killed brown. tried to stop smartphone theft in the station. the governor signed the kill switch bill into law. it requires all providers after july 1 next year to include anti-theft measures. phones sold in california will now have built in tools that let consumers remotely lock, wipe, and disable the devices. it's hoped those measures will
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deter theft. >> 2 investigates looked into two women who kept getting placards, even though they had been dead. >> homes damaged, cars crushed, and one thing is to blame. how to protect against this damage the next time a quake hits.
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welcome back everyone. we're live in downtown napa. one of the hardest hit areas following yesterday's earthquake. one of 49 buildings red tagged following yesterday's earthquake. meaning they're just too dangerous to go inside. >> reporter: it's kind of eerie being here. this street is closed. it feels like we're on a disaster movie set. yet, you walk one block down and everything is fine there. i walked to a restaurant, there were people in there eating. i asked if it was a typical monday night, they said yeah. we had a few cancelations last night. but tonight, everything's fine. it's just the contrast between this street and one block away is just remarkable. >> reporter: for thousands of students in the area, no classes again tomorrow. the superintendent announced more safety inspections will be done tomorrow. that's 30 schools in the napa unified school district. for more on the inspections
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now, going on tomorrow, ktvu's paul chambers joins us now live. >> reporter: frank, julie, we have toured some of the schools in napa. it was enough to close school today and tomorrow. stay away from the classrooms. that was the sign greeting teachers and staff as they entered napa high today. sunday morning's earthquake took its toll on several of the district's 30 schools. >> there's a lot of things on the ground. broken glass. >> reporter: inspectors found bent lights and tiles. today, they toured 2/3 of the schools. staff found no structural damage. until all schools are inspected, they will be closed. >> reporter: we're still completing the analysis of our structural engineering work. >> i am lucky enough that i'm able to bring children to work with me in circumstances like
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this. but to bring two kids to work, makes it very difficult. >> reporter: that was the fear of many parents today, with no school, their options were limited. until the boys and girls club open the its doors. >> we wanted to just get them in the building and let these kids be kids. >> reporter: they are again open its doors to students age 6 to 18. for children from infants to 12 years old, the las flores facility will open. both are providing karat no charge. >> saying, take a break. we've got your kids. that's what we're here for. try to make life go on and seem as seamless as possible. >> reporter: school officials say the remaining schools will be inspected tomorrow by noon. and they'll determine if school
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will be open or closed on wednesday. thousands of students affected by this earthquake also thousands of drivers affected by the quake damage. we want to let you know that a bridge in napa is closed tonight because of earthquake damage. that bridge is located at patrick road and tall grass drive. while crews work to fix the damage, people are directed to use the sandy brook bridge. no word when that bridge is expected to reopen. one of the reminders that we do live in earthquake country. >> we sure do. this is a chunk that came off one of the buildings. again, it's really remarkable here that no one died when you see pieces of debris like this. we've seen a lot of people taking pictures, and what not. talked to one couple from fremont. another couple from oakland. just a lot of people. it's quiet now, but earlier today, it was just packed up here with people. so we've got a lot more ahead.
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right now, let's go back to the studio and ken and maureen. adding a lot of concern in san francisco for those living in soft space. they are vulnerable to a collapse in a quake. a new law passed last year that mandates owners prove they've either retrofitted, or are preparing to retrofit their property. owners of multifit wood buildings built before 1978 face a september 15 deadline to submit information to the city. concert promoter, 38-year- old eric johnson of morinda was
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shot. young jeezy and five others were arrested. the arrests are only for weapons possession. so far, no one has been arrested for johnson's killing. a federal judge has overturned part of the california law requiring a 10 day waiting period for gun buyers. the judge ruled it was a violation of the 2nd amendment, and does not apply to people who own firearms. under the ruling, californians will still be subject to background checks and the 10 day waiting period. in 2011 two gun owners, sued the state. a bill protecting consumers from identity theft is now heading to the forever's desk. the bill requires businesses to provide free credit monitoring services for one year after social security and driver license numbers are exposed. it also prohibits the sales of social security numbers, except when doing so as part of a
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larger transaction. burning man organizers say they hope to open the gates to the festival tomorrow, after rain and hail brought the gathering to a muddy halt. you can see the rain from nevada. outside, the roads were almost impassable, and campers were told to head back to reino. a few hundred of the estimated 7 a thousand campers were able to get inside yesterday before the gates were closed. temperatures today were on the cool side. it was 82 in antioch. that was the warm spot. everybody else in the mid-70s. 76 in concord. 75 in hayward. 68 in strain. we had thunderstorms up around lake tahoe, have died down. now we have fog along the coast. you see fog working its way into the napa valley. exactly what we've been seeing night after night.
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a nice fog push tomorrow morning, but quicker burn off tomorrow, and warmer daytime highs. highs mostly in the upper 70s, and low, mid-80s. fairfield still sustained at 22. down here towards the airport, sfo is calm. that's definitely unusual for this time of year, this time of night. livermore is sustained at 10, gusts to 15. we are heading for a bit of a warming trend. as we go forward here, these are tomorrow forecast highs. temperature didn't get back up into the mid-90s in some of the warmer spots. when i come back, we'll look at that. not that warm. see you back here, 10:45, and we'll talk about the warm up, which i think is the big weather story right now.
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more turf turnover at levi stadium. see why the grass just layed down is now being ripped up again. >> plus cleanup underway at napa valley. >> when our live coverage from downtown napa continues on the 10:00 news.
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the tale of the turf has taken another turn at levi stadium. the 49ers once again ripping out the grass. just last week, the field was replaced. it held up during sunday's preseason game against san diego. now the team is looking to make a long term fix, which may include a new sand base, and perhaps a different kind of grass. the next scheduled event is a soccer match on september 6. the team says the field will be ready. and we are live in downtown napa. when you think of napa, you
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think of wine. it's world renouned. at $13 billion industry. >> fortunately, most of the wineries here in the napa valley didn't suffer serious damage. but many did have some damage. >> reporter: salvaging what's left. spraying down wine stained floors, and making sure the remaining barrels are stacked safely. >> we still have some precariously stacked barrels. you can see it's leaning forward. this entire row had fallen forward. >> reporter: the wine maker, doesn't have time to stress over earthquake damage. >> we have fruit coming in, any day. and we have to get this mess cleaned up. >> reporter: the timing of yesterday's 6.0 quake, a silver lining in the sea of red. >> we're about two or three weeks before harvest in a lot of cases.
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a lot of the tanks were empty. >> reporter: barrels crashed to the floor around 3:20 a.m. >> we're very thankful that it did happen during the middle of the night. it could have been catastrophic. >> reporter: wine guests often walk through barrel rooms. >> we thought, what can we do? we can cook, you know, for the staff. >> reporter: they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in wine country. just not the way most would imagine. >> after 30 years, you learn to roll. >> reporter: they estimate losses in the $100,000 range. >> you better believe we want to be ready for them, and we want them to have a great time here. >> reporter: the wine maker here tells me he does not plan to raise the cost per bottle, because they only lost a small portion of their inventory. others lost half of their
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stock. supply and demand could become an issue. damage from the earthquake will end up costing home and business owners 1 to $6 million. some say earthquake insurance could be a bad financial decision with a sky high 15% deductible. there may be better options, such as retrofitting. or valves that automatically shut off. disabled parking placards abuse. 2 investigates why people still get placards
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back now to our coverage of the napa earthquake. one thing we keep seeing over and over. damaged chimneys. along with foundations, chimneys may be one of the most vulnerable parts of a home during the earthquake. some didn't just crumble, they crush everything around them. >> reporter: ken, we're in the old town neighborhood. take a look behind me. this broken chimney fell onto a car. still neighbors are taking it all in stride, picking up the pieces to rebuild. >> my chimney, my neighbor's car. it was fierce. >> reporter: she says her husband will use a sledgehammer
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to take down the rest of their chimney tomorrow. >> we spent two long, long hard days cleaning. >> reporter: the damage inside the home, the crackle on the wall near the fireplace, will take longer to repair. >> it will be a a process. it will absolutely be sometime before we're really able to recoup on all of this. >> reporter: she is not alone. many neighboring homes suffered the same fate. >> the chimney that way. >> reporter: another home down the street burned during the quake. talk is something electrical, or gas caused it. >> seems pretty much our whole kitchen wall is going to come down. >> reporter: for greg, the quake left its mark on every wall in his home. cracks and plaster. in the downtown area, she showed us what's left of her chimney. her front door no longer works.
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officials yellow tagged her home this afternoon. >> we've lived here for 51 years and never had problems before. >> reporter: still, she and others said they wouldn't live anywhere else. >> i was hugging strangers. you bet, so now we're baking cookies for each other, just unbelievably grateful. >> reporter: everyone i talked with said they're still checking with their insurance companies to see what's covered, and what's not. but they also tell me, they do not have quake insurance. a post office in napa is among the buildings badly damaged in the quake. offenses blocked off the building after it it was red tagged. bricks fell to the ground after the quake cracked the exterior of that building. just one of 70 buildings in napa that officials say deemed
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too dangerous to allow people inside. >> the red cross is also helping the people who were displaced by a fire that happened yesterday at a mobile home park. four homes ended up burned to the ground. six others were damaged. the earthquake ruptured a gas line, and knocked about three dozen homes off their foundations. the quake also ruptured the water line that feeds into the park. the red cross has opened evacuation centers at the crosswalk community church in napa on 1st street, and at the florence douglas center in vallejo. both are open for overnight stays. there are so many different stories up here to tell. one of them resolves around the pfeiffer building. it's got a long history. our photojournalist, behind the camera shooting us now, did a great job looking at the history of that building and talking with the people who have been working for the past 20 years. >> that's a sad thing to look
10:33 pm
at. >> it looks like bombs went off. >> lots of rocks and bricks. >> the walls of course, as you can see are not going to make it. >> it looks worse in person than it does on the internet. >> yeah, we're looking at the pfeiffer building. the original builder had it builded for a brewery. then it became a chicken hatchery of all things. then it was a convenience store. back in those days, it was just store. we took over in 1979, and spent 19 years in there. a police department, and a deli. we served the people upstairs. ran food upstairs. i raised three children in here. >> been a good part of your life. >> see it in this condition, it's a tragic thing. >> i'm almost to the point of tears. i'll keep it together in the meantime. i'm probably going to call the landlord, my best friend, to
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come down and we can both cry together. >> reporter: clearly emotional about it. a lot of people coming to look at the damage. he had that place for 20 years. >> you can just hear the emotion in his voice. we've got more coverage coming up from downtown napa. right now, we go back to ktvu studios, and ken and morraine. an early earthquake system did its job yesterday. >> earthquake, earthquake. >> an advanced warning went to 150 subscribers in a pilot program. although b.a.r.t. was not running at the time, officials say they did get the warning signal about 10 seconds ahead of the ground shaking. about $80 million is needed.
10:35 pm
managers say they've seen a 10 to 15% spike in sales since yesterday's earthquake. the top items were pro bane, emergency kits, and water filters. the american red cross in san jose, says it's been getting dozens of calls and emails. >> the number one question is what should i have in my kit? >> the red cross is urging people to have safety supplies, and toiletries. be prepared if you're hit at work or in a car. tonight we can tell you all evacuations orders have been lifted. an estimated 580 acres burned near weaverville. cal fire is reporting that the fire is now 45% contained. the fire was started yesterday, when a vehicle towing a boat
10:36 pm
became unhitched. the fire destroyed one structure, and injured two people. firefighters are working on strengthening, and increasing containment lines. >> he tried for 13 years to cancel his dead mother's disabled driver placard. >> this is really too painful to keep seeing her name up there. >> 2 investigates the major mix up at the dmv. >> accused of hitting a 70-year- old man, and driving away.
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an oakland woman an arrested for a hit-and-run accident that left a 70-year- old man in critical condition. police identified the woman as joanna steel.
10:39 pm
they say she was driving this white pickup truck, she hit the pedestrian. investigator says they tracked down the driver at a motel a few blocks away. she now faces a felony hit and run charge. another set back for corinthian colleges. today, the california department of veterans affairs announced it is withdrawing its approval of corinthian colleges. it is under investigation, and has agreed to sell or close most of its schools. harris's office says she and fellow turn douglas emhoff married on saturday in santa barbara. they are both 49 years old. harris was elected as california's attorney general
10:40 pm
in 2010. before that, she served as san francisco district attorney. it was a positive day on wall street. dow gained 79. nasdaq closed 18 points higher. the s & p 500 closed at a record 1997. the index has almost tripled since its 2009 low during the recession. paying for a san francisco website, where people can watch other people play video games. twitch had more than 55 million visitors last month alone. analysts say the purchase will give amazon clout with the gaming community, and help it tapture a bigger share of the game market. disabled placards being sent to the dead? >> this is really too painful to keep seeing her name up there. >> a major mix up at the dmv.
10:41 pm
>> plus a warm up on the way. bill martin will tell us when in his bay area forecast. >> also coming up, we're going to give you an up close look at the damage behind us, including this car that is right where the driver parked it, and hasn't moved since the earthquake. we'll take you right up to it in a moment. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. through all life's milestones, our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement.
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you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can.
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tonight, 2 selects reports on a major mixup at the dmv. parking privileges provided to the dead. their loved ones passed away, but they keep receiving their disabled parking placards in the mail. so they contacted 2 investigates. went to dmv headquarters to get some answers. >> reporter: this is the final resting place for margaret stewart widely. her daughter has been visiting her at the wood lawn cemetery
10:44 pm
in coma for ten years. >> she knew she was dying, and made me promise that i would turn in her license plate, and her placards. >> reporter: that's exactly what barbara matthewson says she did, right after her mom passed away in 2004. >> they were just like, okay, thank you. and we'll take care of it. two years down the road, i get three more again. >> reporter: three disabled placards. one for each of her former residence. the placards just keep coming and she keeps sending them back. >> when i was in line at the dmv, a guy offered to buy one of them from me. >> how much did he offer you? >> i never got that far. but he said i'll take one off your hands. >> those places are for people
10:45 pm
who really need them. >> reporter: chris carras's mother died before her first placard arrived. >> i sent it back to the dmv that year. two years later i get another one. this time i simply wrote deceased on it, and sent it back. >> reporter: that hasn't stopped the dmv. >> finally i said, please do not keep sending this. this is really too painful to keep seeing her name up there. >> reporter: last year, the dmv issued more than 2.6 million placards statewide. >> what do i need to do to finally get the dmv to, you know, mark my mom as deceased. >> fed up -- >> this is the latest, 2016. >> reporter: she asked us to return it for her. >> we have a disabled placard
10:46 pm
of someone who passed away. >> managers declined an earlier request to speak with the department's director. >> is there a way to know that this woman's name is going to be taken off the list. is there a way we can follow up? >> yeah, give me your card, and i'll let you know. >> reporter: 30 minutes later, some answers about why the dmv wouldn't let margaret rest in peace. >> the dmv determined we have not received an official death record. >> reporter: an incorrect date of birth might be to blame, but she couldn't talk to us on camera, and couldn't explain why repeated requests were ignored. >> it's not happening that often, because every month we do a cross check of death records. >> reporter: chris caras isn't convinced. >> i will probably just wind up throwing them away. >> reporter: the dmv says caras
10:47 pm
won't receive any more placards. it gets 6,000 death notifications every month. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. so back here in napa, i want to give you a close look at some of the damage. this car right here is probably the most photographed car in the country right now. you can see what happened. the debris came crashing down on it. joe, if you go up here, you can see essentially the whole wall just fell down and crashed down to the ground, broke the back of the car. the car is probably a total loss. if we come over here, you can see, some of the big chunks here. if that hits someone, they're going to get killed. finally, i just want to go inside here. this was a law office. when you poke your camera through the window here, you can see nothing has changed since the earthquake hit. all of the flames askew there. it looks like no one has been in here since 3:20 yesterday morning. just an up close look here at some of the damage.
10:48 pm
again, it's so eerie out here, it's like being on a movie set. a lot of damage up here in napa. you know, to add what what frank is saying. down there, talking about the soiling more sedimentary. if you go up a lot more damage. they felt it, but not as severely as down there in town. talking about this hurricane marie, it's a big one, but it's fallen apart out in the pacific. it gets up in this area by about saturday. that so start sending clouds our way towards late in the weekend. it certainly will send big surf to southern california. fog and low clouds, there there are. that's a lot of right now. as we move through the evening hours, we can expect fog to push in. it shouldn't be as extensive as yesterday. the forecast highs yesterday should be slightly warmer than
10:49 pm
today. you'll see 90s starting to show up. more 90s, more heat. we're warming up. you'll notice a little tomorrow. then notice significant warming wednesday, thursday, and probably into friday as well. the reason for the cool down has been this. it's been this all summer long. if it was winter time, i keep saying this, but if this low pattern was sitting around in winter we'ding getting rain. it sets temperatures a little below what you expect. it gets replaced by a high starting wednesday, and then temperatures start to ratchet up again. i think we're back. today we were in the 70s and very low 80s am tomorrow we're in the mid- to upper 80s. wednesday, we're in the low 90s in the warm spots again. fire danger will go up subsequently. air quality has been good. haven't seen a spare the air day in a while. the five-day forecast, with the bay area in view. i'm going to kick it in sunday.
10:50 pm
there you'll see the temperatures. they dropped out on the weekend. it is amazing, you guys, when you look at the damage, you drive up the road a bit, like mark was in napa. very little damage compared to what they're seeing right there no town where the soils, whatever you're sitting on is how your impacted. >> driving into town, you don't see anything until downtown itself. >> the rest of the world sees those pictures. like san francisco in '89, they thought the whole city had fallen down. mark joins us now. we're talking a's won, but a tough night for the giants. >> they can't have too many more like this. but wining about umpiring, never a good look, even though the guy behind the plate, absolutely awful tonight. the giants cannot complain, because you can't have four errors, and hit into four double plays and expect to win,
10:51 pm
even against colorado. the bridge over troubled water. that's paul mccartney there. buster gets one back. base hit, and angel pagan is in. in the 2nd inning, the giants take the lead. dead center field. he's got power. solo. his second. 2-1 giants. but down 3-2, buster called out on a very low pitch. that just sets bruce bochy off. he will get ejected by doug eddings who really had a rough, and to say the least, inconsistent night calling pitches. 4 errors. 4 double plays. l.a. idle. the giants are 5 out. bruce keep talking, you were right. no messing around time for the a's. playing a team like the astros, you've just got to lay them to
10:52 pm
rest. yosemite sam came out of the hills to watch this one. in the 3rd inning, it is a base hit for josh donaldson. in fact, it's all about the josh's for the a's. got himself a double into the corner. alberto callaspo in. 1-0 lead. then, it's josh reddick, to the cheap seats special. cris carter, former a, hit a two run homer. five runs for the a's in the top of the 9th. 26th time they've batted around this year. josh donaldson in the middle of it. a two run double. jeff smardja. one of the linemen who has major problems keeping san diego linemen out of colin kaepernick's face yesterday,
10:53 pm
addresses a couple of the team's concerns. and there are a few of them. sports part 2, next. there you go. a laser drone for cats. i wish i had lasers. i don't. pew pew pew... the new radioshack is finally here. the store of your past is now the store of your future. come see one of our remodeled stores and save 50 percent off skullcandy headphones. or get a 20-dollar gift card with air raid speaker purchase.
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kind of an underwhelming preseason victory for the 49ers. the continued absence of hold out alex boone might have had a little something to do with the
10:56 pm
four drives that kaepernick was in there. two resulted in fumbles. another, he got blind sided. the lineman, major problems, but remains unconcerned. >> preseason, but it's football. you're going against someone else you're competitive, and you don't want that to happen. especially a sack, or two hits. it is what it is. you know about the u.s. open. a lot of a listers there. celebrities, and particularly out to sea. maria sharapova, not many a- listers getting involved in the action. but look at the bouncing ball, right in the hands of alec baldwin. who wears a suit and tie to the tennis match? i guess, if you're alec baldwin, you do what you like.
10:57 pm
maria sharapova did win in straight sets. there's the sporting life for a monday night. that's going to do it for us here in the studio. we want to go back to frank and julie live in napa. >> so many people affected by the napa quake. so much damage that we've seen, but a lot of people, everyone grateful. no human lost. property can be repaired. items can be replaced, but people can't. everyone we talked to just grateful no one was killed in this quake. >> i saw a woman earlier and the quake knocked everything to the floor, but she said i can replace them all. no one was hurt thankfully. the thing i always take away. so many people up here are hurting right now. you can't help but feel for them. the thing that i always notice, things like this bring out the best in people. you've got neighbor helping neighbor. you've got the community coming together. it's just really something to see. >> and we've seen it time and
10:58 pm
time again, and heard the stories. a lot of damage, but a lot of progress being made. people optimistic, and ready to bounce back. thank you so much for joining us tonight. good night, live from napa. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class.
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